• 1935

    All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Television (VNIIT)

  • 1937

    A super-neon and statotron was created

  • 1938

    The first experienced Leningrad television center began broadcasting in the country

  • 1949

    The first domestic mass television receiver KVN-49

  • 1959

    A small-frame space television system "Yenisei" was developed

  • 1959

    The image of the reverse side of the Moon transmitted with AMC "Luna-3" with the help of the world's first space TV system "Enisey"

  • 1960

    The first television transfer of mobile objects from the spaceship Vostok (Belka, Strelka) 100-line image

  • 1961

    TV system Seliger transferred the first image of the planet's astronaut from the spaceship "Vostok"

  • 1966

    The world's first black-and-white image of the almost complete disk of the Earth was obtained from a height of about 40,000 km., In 1967 - a color image

  • 1968

    The first domestic industrial video recorder with an inclined-line recording "Malachite"

  • 1975

    The first color domestic space reportage television camera was used during the joint flight of the spacecraft "Apollon-Soyuz"

  • 1980

    VNIIT has created a TV-equipment for the search for iron-manganese nodules in the waters of the World Ocean at depths of up to 6000 m

  • 1984

    A complex of digital television equipment "Quantum" was developed for the registration of extremely weak astronomical objects

  • 1994

    The geostationary satellite "Electro" with the meteorological equipment "Meteorite-Planet" entered the orbit

  • 1999

    The operation of the TV equipment of the strategic information system ("Window") began to control space from the Earth

  • 2001

    NIIT has developed a TV system for taking off and landing aircraft on aircraft carriers

  • 2016

    At the "Vostochny" cosmodrome a monitoring system for construction works was created, a digital switchboard complex was commissioned